A clear mind for creativity

Mind Clearing

While many say my mind is always clear because my head is empty. I hate to say that couldn't be farther from the truth. Like most I have a very noisy mind and it is loud and obnoxious at times running from thought to thought causing panic and unrest .


I love what I do for a living and it helps calm the mind by giving it allot to deal with and work on as well as a huge amount of new stuff to learn every day. But there are down times in the commercial part of my business and that's when things get really crazy. Lately we have been working on the next big thing for my art and my work a new gallery as you may have read yesterday.



It's these days that can be maddening. I find great comfort and peace in driven or riding my motorcycle and when they take me to a place where I can take out my camera without direction or plan and play it is amazingly calming and seems to put everything in order.  I am especially inspired when I find a well photographed place in just the right light and weather on just the right day of panic and I decide I am better than my past and I can see a new image and create something different than those before me.


This is just that image, taken of what may be one of the best photographed trees on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the northern end at the ravens roost overlook. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.