Art Talk Tuesday 2-13-18 Inspiration

Ok so in an effort to actually live up to one of my resolutions I have decided to start my sometimes weekly BLOG/VLOG with my little twist and thoughts on art the art industry and maybe even a little education on art and art collecting.Mostly just a place for me to spin a yarn about art and being a working artist.

So for this first post I will be writing. Topic? Inspiration , You may ask why inspiration and the answer is simple I just had a wonderful weekend away with my wife and inspiration to a place that help give me some creative fuel. We spent the weekend in D.C. Visiting the National Gallery of art and Smithsonian American Art Museum. (Formerly the National Portrait Gallery.


So for inspiration, Inspiration By definition:  the act of drawing in; specifically : the drawing of air into the lungs


Of all the definitions this one is most fitting to me. One as a former Medic I get it Two it is to the point the act of Drawing in, doesn’t get much more artistic than that now does it.


Fact is as artist I do not care the medium or how new or experienced you are we all need inspiration and we can draw it from an infinite number of places. For me though the opportunity to visit the national galleries and see amazing work from every level and on this most recent trip to see Van Gogh, Davinci, Hopper, and Pollock were simply wonderful. Not to mention to walk through special exhibitions and to see how the curators had put bodies of work together to tell certain stories was well inspiring and it recharged my batteries and is helping me set the reset button.

Jackson Pollok (MURAL) 

I am sure this will come up again and again as I write or make videos for this blog but for now just take this away sometimes we work to get inspired and sometimes we just need to walk amongst the masters to get inspiration!