Art Talk Tuesday 3-6-18 Make the Time

Cheers Kevin


Make time when the chance is there to create!


I will be the first to admit that I am by far the most guilty of this scenario. For those of you who know and follow me, you can skip this part but for those who don't well here you go. I spend most of my days making a living as a commercial photographer and my fine art, and The Blackburn Gallery is a secondary revenue stream. With that said I often schedule time between commercial gigs to shoot I am trying to do this even more. But in my commercial work, I travel ALOT and pass some fantastic places and opportunities to create some fun and often possibly great artwork along the way. I am terrible at stopping and fitting this into the trips or for trying to plan the commercial trips better to allow time in case I find something interesting or even better plan something interesting out way ahead of time. I just need to learn from my BLOG post!

Eastern State Penitentiary 


Recently I did just this I had an 11-day road trip that turned out to cover 14 states and about 5500 miles of driving. I am proud to report I managed to not only plan a stop for an art shoot/research venture for future shoots along the way. I even made time along the way to shoot something I have passed by a few times in the past just because I couldn’t be bothered to stop and smell the roses or in this case photograph the decaying amusement park:-).

Random Roadside Park.

Well, I did it. That means I can do it again and trust me my schedule is insane right now for commercial clients the art gallery, art shows we are showing at and family. Believe me, if I can do it once I can do it twice, or heck lots more. If I can do it, then you have no excuse make the time, plan a visit to someplace fun so you can create or if your a photographer like me STOP the next time you see something and your brain goes COOL WE SHOULD STOP! Listen and stop even if it is only 5 minutes you will be glad you did it.