“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” The Chinese philosopher Confucius was reported to have said. A lot people say that they can’t take pictures in their local environment and that if they went to exotic and great locations they could create amazing images as well….BUT. Why?I ask. Generally the answer when I ask is this place is boring there is nothing interesting or nothing going on. The simple explanation for this is that well you see it everyday so it seems normal to you but the reality is everything is interesting you just have to ask or visualize the right questions and then take the time to find the answers to make the mundane AMAZING and INTERESTING. Trust me I struggle with this myself in my home town and in my personal work as well.



AZ Museum of Art the grounds keepers are out (granted not my back yard but it's museum lawn)



Three miles from my home in Augusta County VA on a foggy fall morning



About 5 miles from my house in VA gravel road by a farm same foggy morning.