Ex Nihilo, Nihilo Fit. ( Out of Nothing Nothing Comes!)

I can not recall when I first heard this phrase or the exact context but it has stuck with me. Ex Nihilo, Nihilo Fit Translation Out of nothing, nothing comes. Sounds pretty simple and straightforward but to be honest this simple phrase and many of the  beliefs behind it have cost many people a dear price.

For me though as an artist I try not to get into the theological debate I just take a more literal view of the phrase. Simply put unless we are creating well then we can’t creative. Creative juices flow and new and wonderful ideas come best when we are already creating and working. I can honestly say my best new ideas come when I am already out creating sometimes they are better ideas about the project I am currently working on but often they are completly new and unrelated ideas.In my personal experience amazing ideas for a completely new off the wall image ideas always come one of two times, when I am ona project and a spark hits me or when I am enjoying another artist work..

Fact is whether I am shooting, creating a composite, or writing, my best ideas come when I am already working and creating. You have to put in the seat time you have to work at it as a creative they call it Art Work for a reason it takes work and dedication.

So if you are feeling stuck or blocked get up grab the camera, the brush and pen a notebook or whatever your tool of choice get out and start creating. Even if you are creating basic blah simple work or total crap the sheer act of creating awakens the inner creative and gets the juices flowing and before you know your are creating your next masterpiece or body of work.