Myth of the Perfect Image

Photographers especially in the digital age have this idea of the mythological perfect image. Many spend hour upon hour struggling and fighting shooting and reshooting pixel peeping, buying this and that piece of equipment all in search of and the creation of the perfect image.


All of this effort and work to have me tell you STOP! Just knock it off.Here is this one simple and obvious fact.


“There is no such thing as the perfect image only the idea of the perfect image”


It has taken me years to accept this and to understand the truth in it. All the practice and new toys in the world will never help me produce the perfect image. More than 20 years into my career as a photographer and artist I am finally starting to create work I am proud of and guess what? It is not perfect but it is really damn good and getting better each outing. I finally feel free to create and now I create without the distraction and boundaries of trying for perfection and my work is better for it.

Here’s what happens when you accept that there will always be some way to improve and realize that all you can do is the best you can today then you can finally look at what you produce objectively and without ego. This opens your heart and mind and allows you to embrace the imperfections and mistakes and truly learn from them and not beat yourself up over them. THis in turn allows you to guess what Learn from those imperfections and mistakes and do better or different on the next creation.